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Misphits Tee

Misphits Tee

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In 1993 The Phillies had assembled a misfit militia, with names to match. The Dude scored runs and spat tobacco; women fawned over Dutch, the team’s backstop and de facto leader. The Wild Thing grew his hair and kept the city in search of crash paddles through every twitching performance. And John Kruk drank beer, ate pizza … and batted .316.

Made of 100% USA cotton, this textile is beefy, durable, and absorbent, and is virtually shrink free as a result of garment dyeing.

Tee shirt color is cement gray with red text graphics.  

Body Length. Chest Width. Sleeve Length

 XS 261/2 in.17 in.77/8 in.

271/2 in.19 in.81/8 in.

281/2 in.21 in.83/8 in.

291/2 in.23 in.85/8 in.

XL 301/2 in.25 in.87/8 in.

2XL311/2 in.27 in.91/8 in.

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